Baffle Ceiling

Create stunning interiors with aluminium baffle ceiling and wood baffle ceiling

Baffle ceilings are the ideal option to combine style and efficiency.
Easy to install, they come in many different designs and can accommodate every project, from simple to stunning finishes. With the correct installation of infill tiles or acoustic pads, acoustic baffles offer an exceptional sound absorption quality and create visually arresting interiors.

What is a baffle ceiling and what is it made of? 

Baffle ceiling systems are an open type of ceiling construction, ideal for exposed soffit areas, they allow a view and full access to the plenum area and concrete soffit above (if desired). They are suspended vertically from the ceiling and are a great alternative to suspended acoustic ceiling systems.
Made from materials such as aluminium or wood, baffles are available in various patterns and combinations to create a distinctive atmosphere within any space.

Why use baffle ceiling
Easy to install, versatile and effective for noise reduction, baffle ceilings have become a preferred solution for large spaces with high ceilings. They are cost-effective and can be included in every project, new building or renovation with a minimum of remodelling of the space required. They can be installed throughout the entire room or area or just to highlight a specific spot, creating a modern and customised effect. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain, they are ideal for high traffic zones, requiring open areas for smoke extraction like airports, malls, large offices, foyers, museums and commercial areas.

Ideal uses of baffle ceilings:

  • Retail shopfitting
  • Office and commercial fit-outs
  • Auditoriums
  • Theatres
  • Clubs, pubs, restaurants and hotels

How do acoustic baffles work

Sound baffles are typically used to create a distinctive design and improve the acoustics of a large room with a concrete ceiling. They can enhance a room or large complexes providing a positive work environment in an office or a great experience in a commercial building.
Sounds reflect off hard surfaces such as concrete ceilings, walls and floors and continue to echo or reverberate for a certain period of time. Sound baffles absorb both direct and reverberating sounds, reducing the reverberations and echoes in the room or area.

What are the different types of baffle ceiling

Baffle ceilings are available in metal and timber materials introducing unique design elements to any space.

Metal baffle ceiling

Progressive materials supply metal baffle ceiling systems in different sizes, colours and shapes. Made of aluminium, the baffles can be suspended at a range of heights and angles for further visual effect and create sustainable long-lasting interiors. They can be purely aesthetics all the way through to high-performance acoustics with service integration.
Aluminium baffle ceilings are versatile and available in curved, wave-formed, flat, angled profiles as well as bespoke designs to achieve stunning and aspirational interiors. 

Benefits of Aluminium baffle ceilings:

  • Steel and aluminium are two of the most sustainable materials used in construction
  • Metal is a high-quality material, offering improved aesthetics through design flexibility. Available in Powder coat, Timber Effect or Anodised Finishes to achieve any kind of unique aesthetics.
  • Highly durable and robust, metal maintains its appearance long after other materials need replacing
  • Long term metal is more cost-effective than alternative materials
  • Metal meets all building regulations and customer demands

Progressive Materials supply metal baffle ceilings mostly made in Australia, available on short lead times such as the SAS740. The range of SAS ceilings have been rigorously tested and certified to Australian fire standards, and comply with the provisions of the Global GreenTag™ Certification programme.

System 740 is the most versatile aluminium baffle ceiling available in Australia and one of the most popular of the metal ceiling range we supply. Manufactured from aluminium this lightweight baffle ceiling can create amazing feature ceilings for your next project.

Available in a range of sizes, these baffles can achieve the required acoustic ratings with the addition of infill tiles. The infill tiles create a really clean look to the ceiling, and at the same time also hiding services above.


When designing aluminium baffle ceilings, speak with one of the technical team at Progressive Materials.  We are able to work closely with the design team at SAS International to provide proposal drawings and specification statements which can be included in the project documentation. Get in contact with us here. The aluminium baffles can integrate with other SAS International Metal Ceilings, plasterboard bulkheads, curtain walls and other ceiling types easily.

SAS740 is a linear profile metal ceiling system, with the following attributes:

  • Aluminium extruded profiles
  • Huge scope for a variety of profile shapes
  • 600mm profile lengths (as standard)
  • Longer continuous runs can be achieved through splices
  • 25mm x 100mm, 30mm x 165mm and 40mm x 100mm profiles (currently as standard)
  • Full services and lighting integration
  • Void access can be achieved through simply demounting profiles and tiles, or creating a custom access panel
  • Waveform ceilings an option through bespoke carrier (non-standard)
  • Can be configured as Open Grid
  • Suitable for internal and external applications

Wood baffle ceiling

Progressive materials supply timber baffle ceiling systems in different sizes, colours and shapes. Made of red cedar or hemlock wood, the Austratus baffle ceiling is a breakthrough system to simply ‘clip’ continuous lengths of timber into place. A simple, fast and affordable way to create striking wood baffle ceilings.
It is engineered to high standards of compliance and used to enhance spaces cost-effectively whilst adding genuine architectural style to your space. Available in numerous profiles; Fin, Flat, Fin Combo, Dowel, Kulture and Ultra Low Profile, the Austratus range provides the timber look clients desire, and allows for a fast installation process on-site.

Benefits of Wood baffle ceilings (Austratus Timber Profile range):

  • Complete, lightweight, off-the-shelf suspended ceiling system
  • Suitable for walls and ceilings, interior and exterior applications and can be screwed directly onto the existing walls/ceilings
  • Easy to customise and install, it can be applied to create curved ceilings 
  • Easy to replace elements of the system (e.g. damaged panels or fins)
  • Easily adapted for special features such as speakers, fire outlets, lights, air-con vents
  • Available in two different timbers as standard (Western Red Cedar, Hemlock) and a large range of colours (many pre-coated options) or raw

Progressive Materials supply wood baffle ceilings available on short lead times such as the Austratus Fin Profile, sustainably harvested timber that is PEFC™ certified.
Austratus Fin Profile gives classic timber ceilings a modern twist and adds depth and dynamic shadows to the space. Available in a tapered and a V-Fin profile, It’s a stunning and practical alternative to traditional timber ceiling approaches without the constraints on budgets, deadlines and installation. Simple, elegant and with a range of raw, clear satin or colour-wash finishes, it is an ideal baffle ceiling system for retail or commercial fit-outs.

If you are unsure what is the option for your project contact the Progressive Materials team of experts. We are the distributor for the full range of Austratrus products in Western Australia.

How to install baffle ceilings

Austratus range can be installed in 4 simple steps:

  1. Fix the L-shaped trim to the walls as a level border
  2. Place rails up to 600mm apart
  3. Place the plastic clips onto the battens approximately 600mm apart. The clips slide for minor adjustments
  4. Start inserting the timber lengths. Push the timber up, clicking the clips into the rails

There are specific weight limits that apply to the Austratus Ceiling System. Please see the installation guide for details.


Metal ceilings systems are very flexible and there are many types that can be installed.

Progressive Materials provides downloadable installation guides for every baffle ceiling system they supply: 


What types of finishes are available for baffle ceilings?

A: In the aluminium range we can supply powdercoat, anodised or timber effect (sublimated) finishes.  In natural timber, you have a choice of Western Red Cedar or Hemlock, as well as a range of raw, clear satin and vogue colour-wash finish options

How much do baffle ceilings cost?

A:  The cost is based on a number of factors.  Profile of the baffle, finish required, centres the baffles are installed at and the total number of square meters required for the project. Contact Us for a budget rate for your project today

Are samples of the baffles available?

A:  Yes, please get in touch with one of our technical consultants and we will be happy to assist. 

02 Sep 2020