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A good balance of reflection and absorption in a space is the key to a comfortable acoustic environment. Acoustic ceilings are an effective and versatile solution for improving sound quality and controlling noise levels in a room.

Hard surfaces such as walls and ceilings do not absorb sound waves, this means any sound in a room with many hard surfaces ‘bounces’ and creates an echo effect.

The acoustic characteristics of open-plan spaces are often different from smaller rooms because the ceiling is usually a more significant surface. It is essential that a sound-absorbing system is used to control reverberation and occupational noise.

In today's modern office and commercial areas, human-centred design where health and productivity co-exist harmoniously together is praised by architects and interior designers. Many design elements contributed to this, including the levels of light and noise control, both of which can been addressed with the right choice of acoustic ceiling.

SAS suspended metal ceiling systems and metal ceiling tiles are designed and built to the highest standards and offer a highly effective solution for a range of applications including commercial offices. Suspended metal ceilings are available in a range of different types using different metals and systems to create an interior ceiling that fits any design brief. SAS International ceiling systems provide not only a visual impact but also provide necessary acoustic control for office environments and various types of spaces where sound control is crucial.

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SAS Acoustic Ceilings

How ceilings can have an impact on the acoustic performance of a room?

Ceiling design can have a significant impact on acoustic whether or not a space is fit-for-purpose. As one of the largest surface areas in a building, ceilings can be responsible for either absorbing or amplifying sound.

How SAS Metal Ceiling systems can help with acoustic performance?

SAS range of metal ceilings achieves superior aesthetics, performance, and delivery through their comprehensive acoustic knowledge, design expertise, and technical leadership. SAS use advanced acoustic modeling techniques and in-house test facilities to develop new products and improve existing ones. As SAS technical consultant in WA, we can provide our clients with expertise and support to meet their building requirements.

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