About Polynodal Ceilings

Progressive Materials works closely with the design team at SAS International to provide unique like polynodal ceilings.

Progressive Materials can supply the full range of metal ceilings from SAS International. These systems include suspended ceilings, ceiling baffles, ceiling rafts, linear ceilings, open cell ceilings, polynodal ceilings and all the way through to fully bespoke ceilings that become a visual feature of a project. SAS International also manufacture expanded mesh in a range of configurations.

SAS International has recently achieved the Global Green Tag™ certification for their product range. This Green Tag™ puts the products within the top end of the green product market. In addition to these certifications the systems have recently achieved compliance with C1.10a under the NCC.

Polynodal Ceilings
Polynodal Ceilings

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