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Bushfire BAL-FZ

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  • Approved for use in Bushfire BAL-FZ areas
  • Single layer of Promat bushfire board protects the roof structure
  • Assessed in accordance with AS1530.8.2-2007, Section 16

Promat’s bushfire BAL-FZ system is tried and tested in Australian conditions. The Promat Bush fire board is a lining that is installed on top of roof battens to provide protection against bush fire and ember attacks.

Promat’s fire protection systems for roofs and walls specialise in protecting people, structure and equipment, from the direct impact of a bushfire front. Although a bushfire front may pass by in only a few minutes, temperatures achieved can be up to 1200˚C, which can cause a large amount of residual heat to remain in timber framing of the roof and other structures. It is possible for a fire front to pass only for houses to be destroyed from the inside out due to the framing in the building reaching its critical temperature.

Promat’s Bushfire roof and wall systems have been tested to avoid this occurring.

The bush fire roof system involves protecting the roof’s structure with a single layer of Promat board, as well as protection around eave linings which also pose a significant risk. Progressive Materials specify and supply the products in Western Australia. We can assist with design and recommend experienced installers of the system.

To speak with one of our technical consultants about your project, please get in contact us on 08 9445 8300 or

Useful digital resources relating to bushfire in Western Australia

There are some really good resources available from the department of Planning, Lands and Heritage  and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).  Some useful links are listed below:

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