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Commercial Ceilings Design

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The Importance of Good Commercial Ceilings Design for a Better Shopping Experience

Shopping has evolved from more than simply picking up the essentials to an activity of leisure with many visiting retail outlets for bars, restaurants and entertainment. A comfortable and attractive experience is of higher demand than ever with many spending hours at their local mall and commercial ceilings play a part in customers’ shopping journey.

How does it affect shopping experience?

Retail ceiling designs play an important part in the customer’s journey by connecting them with the retail’s store brand and helping create a positive experience.
For architects and interior designers, not only the aesthetic side of the ceiling must be considered, other parameters such as the height and the acoustics are crucial to convey the desired mood, function and atmosphere in the shop.

Higher ceilings for example make the space look bigger and invoke the feeling of freedom, it can help customers feel more comfortable, expansive and so more likely to buy.
Due to the constant flow of visitors in shopping centres and other commercial/retail areas, ceiling systems with high sound absorption are also a good way to enhance the shopper’s experience.


What should you consider when selecting a ceiling system?

When designing a retail ceiling for a new fit-out or shopping centre, there are a number of factors that need to be considered.   These include:

  • Ceiling aesthetics:  Am I looking for a seamless linear style ceiling?  Am I trying to create a feature metal pan ceiling?
  • Ceiling performance:  Is there a specific acoustic rating that needs to be achieved?
  • Service integration:  How are the lights to going to integrate with the ceiling? Are there any mechanical systems that need to integrate?
  • Budget:  What is my budget ?  Can I specify two systems together so that I can stay within my budget?
  • Lifespan:  Do I need the ceiling I’m specifying to last for 25 or 30 years?

Progressive Materials supply a wide range of false ceiling (metal ceiling and timber ceiling) that not only can impact positively the shopper’s experience but also have significant advantages for the business:

Facilitates intelligent space planning

  • Efficient
  • Flexible
  • Future proof

Allows for considered integration

  • Services and sensors
  • Partitioning
  • Signage

Improves wellbeing

  • Acoustics
  • Aesthetics
  • Hygiene

Enhances aesthetics

  • Conceals and protects M&E services
  • Huge choice in systems, materials and finishes


Ideas of false ceilings for public spaces and retails

Metal pan ceilings

These commercial ceiling tiles are ideal for areas that require frequent maintenance or zones with high footfall.

The retail sector demands durability and a high level of safety with many customers passing through on a daily basis, and all often for different purposes. Public safety variables such as smoke extraction, fire safety features, emergency lighting and signage are all able to be integrated into the ceiling system and their portfolio of resources. The durability is also helpful in reducing ongoing maintenance costs in a scenario where efficient upkeep is necessary in a busy place.

Acoustic panels are also available as part of the suspended metal pan ceiling system range we supply, where controlling unwanted sound is typically required where the environment is typically noisy. This contributes to making the visit to any retailer a more pleasurable experience.

This stunning design features the SAS 200 System installed for the Dufry Group fit out at Perth Airport.


Linear Ceilings

Suspended from the roof or slab, linear ceilings create crisp and clean lines at low budget, they are ideal for high traffic areas requiring smoke extraction applications, thermal cooling and chilled beam integration.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor installations, they bring exceptional aesthetics to the space as well as provide improved acoustic qualities.

They are also available in tube form for a variety of applications including waveform, curves, vertical and horizontal fixing in an extensive range of finishes.

This project features the SAS 750 Tubeline system, providing the specifier with a flexible, highly visual option for functional requirements.


Timber ceilings

Timber ceiling battens create a warm and relaxing ambiance, light up and enhance the space, hence why they are an ideal for retail space.

The feelings of natural warmth and comfort that wood elicits in people can help improve mood, reduce anxiety and increase positive social interactions.

Timber ceilings panels also have natural acoustic properties; great for either amplifying or softening noise within the space; and offer great insulation with little-to-no maintenance once installed.

They are available in a variety of profiles and finishes to create stunning ceiling designs.

This project features the Austratus Batten Ceilings installed at a Shopping Centre. Timeliness on this project was key, with the fit-out needing to be undertaken quickly. The Austratus Flat Panel profile was the ideal solution, easy to install, it creates a classic, modern architectural style.


Progressive Materials supplies a wide variety of products that can be designed and fabricated under a number of specifications to ensure a high quality finish that is easy to maintain.

The commercial ceiling systems we supply range from the SAS International Metal ceilings including the SAS750 Tube lineSAS330 and SAS710 panels to the Austratus Timber  baffle ceiling including the Fin, flat, fin combo, dowel, kulture and ultra low profiles.,

We also provide bulkhead packages, column casings, fire safety product integration and lighting systems which provide optimal aesthetic look, whilst projecting a relaxing setting for consumers.

We can help you choose the right option for your project, simply contact the Progressive Materials team of experts.



Do the available metal and timber ceilings have fire approvals to Australian standards?
Yes full fire approvals are available on all systems we supply.  Please get in contact with us for further information.


What types of finishes are available?
We can supply finished product in powdercoat, anodised, timber effect (sublimated) or natural timber.


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