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Curved Design Trend

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The return of Curved Walls and Ceilings

For a long time the trend for architects, builders and designers was straight lines and boxy structures to achieve simple, clean and minimalist designs.
Over the last years, curvilinear designs have experienced a particular resurgence and the combination of the straight lines of a building and the flow of curved elements can create a dynamic which draws in the eye.

Why include architectural curves in your commercial design project?

Curves are often associated with natural elements and reflect a sense of fluidity from the natural surroundings of the building, such as the ocean or forest.

Neuroscientists have recently demonstrated that our preference for curved and rounded design elements is not just a matter of taste but also connected to our primary instincts. Curves send a signal of safety to our brain, reminding us of the beauty of nature and making us feel comfortable.

With the pandemic, people have been spending more time indoors in the last 2 years and are now seeking a more comfortable and attractive experience in commercial buildings. Designing commercial buildings that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also create a positive experience is a key. Especially in the retail sector, good commercial interior designs can affect the customer’s shopping experience.

Curved walls and ceilings are a great solution to soften the building spaces and bring femininity to dreary urban angles.

If installed correctly, curved baffle ceilings and curved timber walls look stunning but also offer fantastic acoustic qualities. The acoustic comfort in a commercial building such as an office space, shopping centre, airport or a public building (school, library, hospital) contributes to our well being and has a positive effect on our health, communication, safety, productivity and learning.


What material can be used to achieve a curved ceiling?

Metal baffle ceilings are usually specified by the architects and designers to achieve curved ceilings as steel and aluminium materials are easy to shape in curved, waved-form or any bespoke designs. They are also two of the most sustainable materials used in constructions and meet all building regulations.

Progressive materials supply SAS international aluminium baffle ceilings that can help you create sustainable long-lasting interiors for your next project.

Curved wood ceilings are also a good option to add genuine and natural architectural style to the space. Austratus Timber baffle ceiling systems are complete, lightweight, off-the-shelf suspended ceiling systems that can be made of Hemlock or red cedar wood (sustainably harvested timber, PEFC™ certified).

Austratus batten ceilings are available from Progressive materials in a wide range of size, finishes and shapes, giving classic timber ceilings a modern twist and adding depth and dynamic shadows to the space.


What are the best options to create curved walls?

Colour, warmth, tone and texture – timber has a unique, sophisticated appeal that is ideal to create curved wall designs.

Austratus Waves profile is easy to customise and install (clip-on system)  and allows architects and interior designers to soften the area with sensuous curved timber. Western Red Cedar and Hemlock offer a beautiful texture to work with in creating a natural vibe to hard finished construction techniques.

Available from Progressive Materials in various sizes and colours and on short lead times.


Curved Commercial Walls and Ceiling Design Ideas

SAS 750 Tubeline

Achieve dynamic and impactful designs with curves and waveforms ceiling designs while allowing easy access to the soffit and service integration.

SAS 750 Tubeline


SAS 510

Ideal acoustic solution for open, exposed interiors and thermal mass cooling. The waveform acoustic baffle system is directly suspended from the soffit for exposed applications and offers superior acoustic performance due to double faced, deeper panels.





Create a natural vibe and soften the space with curved timber walls and ceilings. The Austratus suspended ceiling system can be screwed directly onto the sisting walls and ceilings.

Austratus dowel fin in spotted gum

Austratus dowel fin in Hemlock


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