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Fibre Cement for External Cladding

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Like a protective layer or skin on the outside of a house or a commercial building, exterior cladding is ideal for providing weather resistance and safeguarding buildings from harsh natural elements. Discover why Fibre Cement is has become the superior choice of product for external cladding.

In addition to its protective properties, external cladding can be used in architectural design to create decorative features that are unique and stand out amongst the crowd.

In Australia, there are a large variety of materials used for external cladding, including Brick, Timber, Weatherboard, Stone, Metal and Concrete.

Fibre Cement has gained popularity over the years, not only for its superior protective characteristics, but due to its flexibility to be used to create visual designs and architectural features. Fibre cement is used more and more in construction, not only for external cladding, but for internal walls, linings and floors. 

When it comes to external cladding, there are many benefits that accompany the use of Fibre Cement, for both residential and commercial projects looking to achieve a durable and aesthetic outcome.

Fibre Cement Commercial External Cladding



Fibre cement is a composite construction material made from reinforced cement and cellulose fibres. It is manufactured into boards which can be locked together to form a weather-tight, protective layer when applied externally to buildings. 

These boards are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, temperatures and impacts, making them a superior choice as an external material. They are also resistant to rot, rust and decay, providing a long-lasting result with little to no maintenance required.

Fibre Cement from Kalsi is also resistant to insect infestations and is non-combustible, therefore provides passive fire protection as it performs well when exposed to flames. Fire performance is of increasing importance in Australia, and materials that can withstand the effects of fire are constantly sought to aid protection and avoid costly rectifications. This is an important consideration for commercial construction projects, where safety and compliance are a primary concern.


Weather Proof

The strength and moisture resistance of Fibre Cement means this material can uphold the impacts of extreme weather conditions. When exposed to moisture, fibre cement does not swell, warp or rot which makes it ideal for use in external applications exposed to weather and moisture.

The moisture resistance of Fibre Cement also means your external cladding remains dimensionally stable, unlike other materials that can expand and contract when exposed to heat and moisture. This in turn means less maintenance and costly repairs required.


Aesthetic Flexibility

Fibre Cement is available in various shapes, finishes and thicknesses, allowing architects and designers the flexibility to bring their vision to life. Fibre Cement sheets can be used both horizontally and vertically, and can be machined with ease making it superior when working with unique shapes or complex angles. 

Kalsi Fibre Cement has a smooth surface and square edge design, providing a great base for painting, further allowing you to achieve your visual goals. It can even be finished to appear like other materials such as stone or timber, yet will be far more durable and a fraction of the cost.

External Fibre Cement Sheets


Ease of Installation

For both new builds and renovations, Fibre Cement can be installed with immense ease. Being incredibly lightweight, it makes it easy to work with and customise to fit required spaces.  

Where penetrations such as pipes and other openings are concerned, Fibre Cement can easily be modified to accommodate, with its robustness minimising any damages that can occur during installation.



Due to its increasing popularity, Fibre Cement supplies are often low, meaning longer wait times which can disrupt the timeline of residential and commercial projects.

Progressive Materials are proud to stock the full Kalsi Fibre Cement product range, and are ready to supply for your upcoming project.

In addition to cladding, Kalsi Fibre Cement can be used for soffits and eaves lining, partitions, gable ends and feature panelling, offering the same superiority and design flexibility to your outdoor needs.    


Browse the full range of Kalsi Fibre Cement products on our website or contact us to speak with a technical expert to discuss the requirements of your upcoming project.

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