Fire Rated Steel: Project Feature January 2018

Progressive Materials has been supplying fire rated steel products, Cafco 300 Vermiculite Spray and Promatect 50 Board at 500 Hay Street in Subiaco for almost 2 years.  The project is nearing completion and will open later in 2018.  The building will be known as Subi XO and will feature a 4 star 168 room hotel.  The new property will also have a five screen cinema complex, dining precinct, 370 bay car park and 18,000 m² of office floor space across two office buildings.

Cafco 300 fire spray has been applied to structural beams by McAfee Plastering and Spraying and has been installed to a really high standard on the project.  The Promatect 50 board has been installed as a single layer system to achieve 120/-/- to exposed steel columns and has been installed by the JC Ceilings team-  again an excellent install standard.

The two systems have intersection details in which the two products come into contact with each other at the junction of beams and columns.   Promat’s Australian approvals deal with this junction and allow two trades to install compliant systems that are a cost effective option for the project.

The below images show the two systems intersecting with each other.   There is still a feature architectural panel system to be installed which deals with any weather protection requirements.  Fire rated steel systems from Progressive Materials are available and in stock in our warehouse in Wangara.

fire spraying perth      Fire Spray Steel Perth

Fire Rated Columns and Beams with Promat systems from Progressive Materials


22 Jan 2018