fire stopping products

Fire stopping products manufactured by Promat Australia and supplied by Progressive Materials are tested and assessed in line with AS 1530.4 and AS 4072.1.

Save time with Promat’s Fire Stopping Range

Promat has recently achieved a number of approvals with their range of fire stopping products, that allow for fire penetrations to be sealed in floors from the top side only. This installation type saves time, and is safer due to not needing to work at heights in often tight constrained spaces.

What products are approved?

Promat’s  PROMASEAL SupaWrap 40 now has approvals to wrap metal pipes up to 100mm in diameter on the top side only. The pipe needs to be wrapped 800mm above the slab height, and can be used in conjunction with PROMASEAL Bulkhead Batt.

Promat’s range of retrofit fire collars can be installed with Promaseal Bulkhead Batt from the top side only. The approvals cover uPVC + HDPE pipes from 40-100mm. Approvals have also been achieved with pex pipes, and uPVC conduits- all of these systems can be installed from the top side of the penetration.

To find out more about these specific approvals- please enter your details below and one of our technical consultants will send through the appropriate test reports.

Fire Stopping Products

What fire stopping products are available from Progressive Materials?  We have the full range of passive fire stopping products from Promat in stock and ready to be supplied from our warehouse in Wangara.   These products include, fire collars, fire sealant, fire batts, insulation wraps, fire rated boards, fire rated coatings, and joint sealing products.  We are available for site visits to assist with correctly selecting the appropriate fire stopping system.

16 Oct 2018