Intumescent Sealant


Promat has just released its latest product: PROMASEAL®-AG Acrylic Intumescent Sealant for treating various services. Promat has recently achieved approvals with the following penetration types:

  • Approved for copper pair coils with fire rated and non fire rated insulation’s
  • Approved for selected PEX pipes
  • Approvals for Hebel walls and 60 minute F.R Plasterboard
  • Many more approvals on the way
  • No backing required in the penetration

PROMASEAL®-AG Acrylic Intumescent Sealant is a water based sealant designed for use with copper pipes with combustible and non-combustible insulation as well as with selected plastic pipes to prevent the spread of flames, gas, smoke, and heat.  This latest product from Promat allows the fire stopping of services to be completed in a cheap and efficient manner.   This new product to the Australian market, extends the full service range of Passive Fire products available from Progressive Materials.

We keep the full range of fire stopping systems from Promat including the all new PROMASEAL®-AG Acrylic Intumescent Sealant in stock in our warehouse in Wangara.

To download the latest system certificate of approvals, please fill in your details below.

29 Nov 2017