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Open Cell Ceiling Panels

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Open Cell Ceiling Panels manufactured by SAS International were recently supplied  for the fit out at Beds N Dreams in Beckenham.   The SAS 800 System was chosen as a feature for the new fit out not just for its aesthetic looks but for a number of performance reasons including:

  • Service Integration:  Light panels were able to be installed directly into the grid without modification
  • Essential Services:  Sprinkler systems already installed in the building were able to be left in place, due to the open cell ceiling panels meeting the required % of open area required under the NCC.
  • Ventilation: Due to the open cell feature of the SAS 800 ceiling, the existing ventilation was able to remain in place which eliminated the need to alter the existing system


Some feature shots of the project are below:


SAS 800 Trucell is a decorative open cell ceiling, for airflow and smoke extraction applications. The metal ceiling system comprises a series of open cell modules designed to lay onto a suspension grid. The ceiling tiles can integrate within other metal ceiling systems and plasterboard ceilings.  SAS International’s open cell ceiling systems are ideal for retail, transport or leisure applications with high human traffic flow. Rapid and safe smoke extraction is critical in such environments.

Trucell is a range of aluminium open cell ceiling panels designed to lay onto our 15mm Tee Grid. Access is gained by simply lifting the panels out of the grid.

Trucell blends in with the Tee Grid to give an unbroken, monolithic appearance.

  • Intended for smoke extraction and airflow management
  • Strong modular appearance
  • Simple access to the ceiling void
  • Lightweight, quick and easy to install
  • Minimum 25-year product life expectancy

Trucell panels are manufactured from lightweight, pre-coated aluminium folded into U-shape profiles. Each panel has a nominal cell wall thickness of 15mm to give a precise engineered ceiling appearance.Trucell Panels are available in 600 x 600mm modules with a nominal depth of 40mm.

Modules are available in six different cell sizes of (mm): 50×50

  • 75×75
  • 86×86
  • 100×100
  • 120×120
  • 150×150
  • 200×200

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