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About Expanded Mesh for ceiling design


SAS has been manufacturing expanded metalwork for decades and recently launched a new range of mesh options. Progressive Materials can assist with expanded mesh specifications for your upcoming projects.

Specified in commercial, retail, leisure, and education sectors for its more refined industrial look as well as an alternative option to exposed soffit, SAS International mesh ceiling panels can be integrated with other SAS systems. There is a range of pattern options all available in the full range of RAL colours. Expanded mesh designs can be flexible and specified into bespoke ceiling design system.

Expanded Mesh, Metal Ceiling design

SAS metal mesh ceiling tiles

What are the benefits of Expanded Mesh ceiling tiles?

SAS metal mesh ceilings are popular with architects due to their sustainability, functionality and contemporary aesthetic.
Mesh is an excellent architectural material because of its textured surface providing depth and visual interest. The appearance of mesh changes when viewed from different angles defined as ‘open view’ and ‘closed view’.
The ‘open view’ allows light to pass through the gaps while the ‘closed view’ reflects light on the surface depending on the viewer’s perspective.


What are the functional advantages of Metal Mesh Ceiling panels?

  • Steel mesh panels are fire-resistant, and compliant with Australian fire regulations (AS ISO 9705).
  • Metal mesh ceiling panels can be designed to hide ceiling equipment at the same time as facilitating high levels of air flow.
  • Metal mesh ceiling systems can be designed with cut out for lights, sensors,  sprinkler systems and ventilation ducts.
  • The specification of the mesh can be tailored to achieve the optimum level of diffused lighting. From discreet illumination to bold-up lighting, the expanded metal provides multiple possibilities.
  • Mesh ceiling panels are easily removable for service/maintenance purposes, and can even be framed and hinged for easy access.

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