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Structural Protection
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Structural Steel Protection
- Steel protection using Boards
Concrete Fire Protection
- Concrete upgrade using Board
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- Timber protection using Board
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- Carbon Fibre Protection using Board
Steel and Timber Penetrations
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Fire Compartmentation
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Transformer Firewalls
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- Frameless internal fire partitions
- Steel stud firewalls
- Timber stud firewalls
- Fire protection external walls
BAL-FZ Roof systems
- AS 3959 bushfire protection
Fire Rated Access Panels
- Repair/maintenance access panels on walls
- Repair/maintenance access panels on ceilings

About Promat Boards

High-performance Calcium Silicate Board using PROMAXON® technology

Promat's range of fire rated board is commonly used to construct walls, ceilings and flooring systems.

Fire rated boards are an essential component of passive fire protection when it comes to Fire Compartmentation, Promat board, including the PROMATECT® range, offer a lot of benefits that set them apart from other building materials:

  • Non-combustible and very fire resistant
  • Thermal insulator thanks to its endothermic reaction
  • Resistant to humidity and impact
  • Stability over time
  • Easy installation
  • Respect for the health of installers and users
Promat Fire rated board

Calcium silicate boards offer superior thermal insulation and fire protection for many different applications

Promat boards are independently assessed to Australian and international standards and can achieve protection of up to 4 hours.

The use of our fire rated board systems within hotels, offices, hospitals and schools saves valuable space which maximises floor area.

Progressive Materials is the exclusive supplier of Promat fire rated boards for Perth and the rest of Western Australia. We offer technical advice for architects, builders, contractors and building certifiers on how to correctly specify, install and certify the fire rated board systems.

Promat fire rated boards

Calcium silicate board FAQ

What is Calcium silicate board?

Commonly used as used as a substitution for gymsum board and asbestos fiber cement board, calcium silicate board is a fire resistant construction material. It is made mainly of siliceous materials and calcium materials by various manufacturing process methods.

Where can you use Calcium silicate board?

Calcium Silicate Board’s are best used in internal environments to provide essential fire protection..
It is widely used for indoor partitions, firewall, fire rated floors and fire rated ceilings for both civil and industrial applications. Commonly used in the construction industry for office buildings, hotels, hospitals, factories and other commercial buildings because of the unique characteristics of the product.   Some of these product advantages include: the ability to withstand high operating temperatures, light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength, easy to install, reliable and durable.
It is an essential component of passive fire protection when it comes to Fire Compartmentation.

What is the difference between Calcium Silicate Board and Gypsum Board?

Calcium Silicate Board’s and Gypsum Board’s are two completely different products with fairly similar applications.
Gypsum boards are widely used for internal linings for fire and acoustics.  Calcium silicate boards are specialist fire protection boards that provide fire, acoustics and impact protection.

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