SAS-200-Metal Pan Ceiling
SAS-200-Metal Pan Ceiling

Metal Ceilings

SAS 200

SAS 200 is one of the most adaptable systems available from SAS International, ideal for bespoke applications.

Product Applications

3 Application Types

Modules can be manufactured in a variety of ways depending on application. The shape and size of the metal pan ceiling tiles are only limited by the inherent material properties. Each module includes a 3mm hidden gasket to aid installation, forming a shadow gap improving uniformity and overall aesthetic appeal.

SAS 200 is a suspended metal pan ceiling system with hook-on modular tiles and concealed grid.

  • Metal pan ceiling tiles can be manufactured to fit any module size and shape
    (within limitations of material)
  • Fully demountable tiles without the need for access tool
  • Square edged tiles
  • Closed recess joints using a 3mm black foam, recessed gasket
  • Concealed grid (SAS J-Bar suspension method)
  • Minimum 25 year product life expectancy
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified®

Material Specifications

  • Perforation

    SAS200 tiles can be supplied with any standard SAS perforation pattern.

    1522 is a popular pattern that is available as a stock item from the factory.

  • Standard Finish

    Coating – Polyester powder coat

    Colour – RAL 9003 (White)

    Available in all RAL Colours

    Available in Timber effect

  • Acoustic Treatment

    Acoustic pad as standard (16mm deep, 80Kg density mineral fibre pad with black tissue face, foil back and sides).

    Other acoustic treatments are available, depending on project requirement. Please contact our technical department for more information.

  • System Weight

    10Kg/m2 (approximate weight based on 600 x 600mm tile, 36mm deep)

    Note: This includes the entire system and full associated components (suspension, tile, acoustic pad and associated fixings).


  • SAS 200 Drawing PDF


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  • SAS Metal Ceiling Perforations Brochure


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Product Applications

3 Application Types