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PROMASIL® 1100 is the most versatile fire rated duct board available in Perth from Progressive Materials.

Product Applications

4 Application Types

The fire rated duct board is a non-combustible low density calcium silicate board, used for the construction of fire resistant ducts and is a Class 0 product as defined in the Building Regulations.

PROMASIL®-1100 SUPER are large-size, lightweight insulating boards with very good thermal properties. Their homogeneous and stable mineral matrix structure guaranties excellent mechanical and thermal characteristics

PROMASIL® 1100 SUPER is the result of combining our PROMAXON® technology, an exclusively engineered mineral matrix structure that brings controlled smaller pore size in the calcium silicate matrix, together with introducing selected opacifiers in the mineral composition to further lower the thermal conductivity. PROMASIL® -1100 SUPER is the replacement for the VERMICULUX® board and can be used in a majority of its applications.

PROMASIL® 1100 fire rated duct work systems have Australian and international approvals for the following systems:

  • Air handling ducts
  • Kitchen Exhaust duct work
  • Cable trays
  • Building services

Progressive Materials and Promat have over 30 years of experience in Australia in providing passive fire protection to fire rated duct work.   Over the years our projects have included: hospitals, hotels, aged care facilities, defence, detention facilities as well as mixed use residential projects.

As an alternative to Promat’s board for fire rated duct work, we can apply Promat’s PROMASPRAY® P300 Vermiculite Spray.



  • PROMASIL® 1100 SDS


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Product Applications

4 Application Types