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Promat’s Fire Mastic -PROMASEAL® A Acrylic Sealant is a water based acrylic sealant designed for the sealing of joints and services penetrations against the spread of fire, smoke and hot gases for up to 240 minutes fire protection.

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In addition, PROMASEAL® A Acrylic Sealant may be used as acoustic sealant due to its density and flexibility.

The product is supplied in a choice of:

  • 300ml cartridges
  • 600ml foil packs
  • 10 litre pails

In Australia the product is widely used as a key component of fire stopping for a wide range of building services including; electrical cables, metal pipes, cable trays, smoke seals and control joints.  Known by fire stopping professionals as the leading fire mastic product, due to its work-ability and the wide range of approvals that exist with the product.  The product is stocked and specified locally.  Orders are able to be turned around the same day as an order is placed, the majority of the time.

Some features of the product include:

  • Low VOC
  • Water Based for easy clean up
  • Require for use with most other Promat systems
  • Up to FRL -/180/180 for penetration seals
  • Up to FRL  -/240/240 for control joint protection

PROMASEAL® A Acrylic Sealant is one of Promat’s fire stop products available from our warehouse in Wangara, Western Australia.


  • PROMASEAL® A Acrylic Sealant


  • SDS PROMASEAL A Acrylic Sealant


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Product Applications

2 Application Types