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  • Used for high expansion joints
  • Movement joints
  • Wall and floor approvals

PROMASEAL® Fyrestrip

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PROMASEAL® FyreStrip is a compressible, flexible, fire resistant seal which is used in high movement joints.   The product can take movement of ± 50% of the joints width.  It consists of layers of intumescent material bonded to a special foam and has been successfully fire tested up to 240 minutes in joints within masonry or concrete walls and concrete floors.

PROMASEAL® FyreStrip is available in the following dimensions:

  • FS20 – 90mm x 28mm x 1000mm
  • FS40 – 90mm x 46mm x 1000mm
  • FS50 – 90mm x 56mm x 1000mm
  • FS80 – 100mm x 84mm x 1000mm
  • FS100 – 120mm x 124mm x 1000mm

The strips are ideal for sealing movement joints at junctions between compartment walls and floors. Their flexibility makes them suitable for use in a variety of configurations. The fire performance of PROMASEAL® FyreStrip will vary according to the particular application. In addition, the width of the gap into which the strip is inserted, as well as their orientation, will have an effect on the level of protection required.

PROMASEAL® FyreStrip is one of Promat’s fire stop products available from our warehouse in Wangara, Western Australia.

  • Fire stopping