Quick Facts

  • Provides integrity and insulation to services
  • Tested with stainless steel and copper pipes
  • Cable tray approvals for floors and walls
Fire Stopping from Promat Cables


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$ 50.86

PROMASEAL® Wrap is designed to provide effective insulation for highly conductive materials such as copper pipes and cable trays. Insulation on services can no longer be waived under the BCA, this product ensures that insulation certification can be achieved on service penetrations. The easy to install wrap and strap system makes dealing with penetrations a time effective solution. The product has test data for copper pipes up to 150mm as well as cable trays and cable bunches. PROMASEAL® Wrap is an efficient way of achieving integrity and insulation on service penetrations.

PROMASEAL® Wrap is one of Promat’s fire stop products available from our warehouse in Wangara, Western Australia.

  • Fire stopping