Quick Facts

  • Impact resistant
  • Versatile board with multiple uses
  • Smooth finish ready for painting
fireboard for fire wall and steel protection - Promatect 50
fire rated board perth
bushfire bal-fz from Promat


PROMATECT® 50 board systems provide a neat aesthetic finish whilst integrating the required fire performance of the steel. PROMATECT® 50 can protect a large range of steel columns and beams with the use of a single layer. PROMATECT® 50 fire rated board is a high performing Cement Bound Matrix material used to protect structural steel for a period of up to 4 hours from the effects of fire. The board is resistant to the effects of moisture and will not physically deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions. Performance characteristics are not degraded by moisture.

PROMATECT® 50 can be installed as fire rated walls with the use of a single layer on both sides of the stud.   PROMATECT® 50 is the thinnest available board on the market for structural steel fire protection.   For a 2 hour FRL Promat only require a single layer for most column and beam sizes.   PROMATECT® 50 also complies with AS 3959 bushfire protection standard.   With material kept in stock locally in Wangara, Progressive Materials are able to supply the Australian market with product in a short period of time.

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  • Structural steel fire protection