Bushfire Systems

AS 3959 bushfire protection in Perth by Progressive Materials.   We supply Promat Australia’s passive fire protection system that can be installed to comply with the Australian Standard AS 3959.   Promat’s unique bushfire roof system requires only a single layer of PROMATECT® 50 fire rated board installed as a part of the roofs structure.   The BAL-FZ bushfire resistant roof system, designed by Promat Australia, is currently  storming the Australian market.  Comprised from PROMATECT® 50, which is a high density ‘cement bound matrix’ board.  This system is easy to install and has been successfully tested at a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) approved facility, Exova Warrington Fire Research. Section 9 of the Australian Standard 3959-2009 deals with the construction of BAL FZ and it is this level that requires a roof system tested to AS1530.8.2.  Australians planning to rebuild on these sites assessed as BAL-FZ now require a roofing system that is tested to AS 3959 bushfire protection standard. The single layer PROMATECT® 50 roof system provides homeowners with a tested system and peace of mind when constructing their new home.  The PROMATECT® 50 systems ensure a high level of fire safety for any home or building in a bushfire prone area and compliance to the required standards.