Concrete upgrade

Concrete spalling is a danger to both life and property.  Strengthening and upgrading structural systems to improve fire performance of an existing building is often required when building renovations are undertaken. Promat’s range of PROMATECT® fire rated boards and CAFCO® vermiculite spray systems can upgrade concrete structures to achieve up to 4 hours fire protection.  Upgrading concrete systems with Promat’s matrix engineered mineral boards and sprays not only prevents concrete spalling but also ensures that excessive load is not added to the construction.

Equally important, Promat’s concrete upgrading systems have been approved in a series of fire resistance tests of concrete floors and walls with a variety of fixing options. Final thickness of material required is dependent on the existing Fire Resistance Level (FRL), the required FRL and the depth of cover to the steel reinforcement.  Progressive Materials stocks Promat’s full range of concrete upgrading products are supported by a network of trained installers that can install and provide certification of the tested systems. With material kept in stock locally in Perth, we are able to ensure strict deadlines are met.