Fire & blast systems

Fire Blast Protection of people and high value assets can easily be achieved with DURASTEEL®.  DURASTEEL® is a high performance composite panel fire protection board. The panel is comprised of a fibre reinforced cement core which is mechanically bonded to punched galvanised steel sheets on both outer surfaces.  DURASTEEL® systems are installed by experienced applicators who warrant and certify the tested systems. The systems include, fire barriers, blast walls, transformer fire and blast barriers, fireproof ceilings, service protection enclosures, fire doors, valve box enclosures and fireproof storage vaults.  DURASTEEL® is an extremely strong, blast, impact and moisture resistant board that features a fire performance of up to 4 hours.  DURASTEEL® fire blast systems can be designed to be load bearing and have been tested to a wide range of standards around the world including AS 1530: Part 4 Factory Mutual (FM), Underwriters Laboratories (UL and ULC), Certifire, Dubai Civil Defence, and Lloyds Register.