Fire stopping

Progressive Materials is the leading supplier of fire stop products in Western Australia.  The range of fire stop systems includes Promat fire pillows, fire batts, fire mortar, fire mastic’s, fire collars and joint sealing products.  Unprotected openings in fire compartments cancel out the fire resistance ratings of the fire rated structures, allowing the spread of fire, smoke and hot gasses.  Progressive Materials range’s Promat’s fire stopping materials and can seal penetrations, provide insulation to services and seal construction and expansion joints. All of Promat’s fire stopping systems are tested to AS 1530: Part 4 and AS 4072 Part 1.  The PROMASEAL® range of fire stopping systems are stored in our local warehouses, with the majority of fire stopping systems been made in Australia.  We have sample wall at our Wangara warehouse where customers can receive training on how to correctly treat a wide range of building services as they penetrate through fire walls and floors.  There is a network of competent trained installers that can provide certification of the tested systems to ensure compliance to the Australian Standards.

The full range of fire stop products are kept in stock locally in our warehouse in Wangara.