Suspended Metal Ceilings

Suspended metal ceilings supplied by Progressive Materials are the market leading metal pan ceilings.  SAS International the manufacturer,  have a wide range of suspended metal ceilings which can cater for all types of projects with wide ranging budgets.  Our technical consultants work closely with project architects and the SAS design team to specify best in class metal pan ceiling systems.   The suspended metal ceilings have a range of tile options including clip-in, lay-in and hook-on perforated panels.   The panels can be supplied in different sizes, with the two most common sizes in Australia being 600 x 1200 and 600 x 600 mm.

Metal ceilings by SAS International can provide an NRC acoustic rating of up to 1.0- the highest rating achievable.    It is a common misconception that metal ceilings are a poor sound absorbing material.   In fact through the correct specification and system setup, the acoustic rating achievable is better than standard mineral fiber ceiling panels.