Baffle Ceilings

Baffle ceiling products are ideal for exposed soffit areas as a visually engaging alternative to suspended acoustic ceiling systems.   Manufactured by SAS International the baffle ceiling systems are available in a range of colours, sizes and shapes.    The metal baffle panels can be installed at varying heights creating a visual display that really stands out.

SAS International’s range of ceiling baffle’s can be specified as a linear look acoustic baffle system, to form continual unbroken runs or as individual modules.   Baffle ceiling systems can also be supplied in waveform to create an alternative design option for specifiers.   All of the baffle ceiling products offer superior acoustic performance due to the baffles being double faced.

The installation of acoustic baffles allows for complete access to services.  These types of baffles are an ideal option for open, exposed interiors and can be integrated with thermal mass cooling design of the building.  The full range of SAS Baffle’s are available in all of the RAL Colours.  As the products are made from metal they have a minimum product life expectancy of 25 years.