Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded metal by SAS International can be manufactured in ceiling tiles of varying shapes to create stunning interiors.   Expanded metal mesh can be used to compliment the full range of SAS International’s metal acoustic ceiling products.

Architectural grade expanded metal is used as feature within a wide range of new modern projects. In retail centers, open cell metal panels are often specified for ceilings as they allow for fire detection and control systems in these large, open spaces. Air conditioning and other services can also be located within the ceiling void. In this project, the mesh fulfills the same requirements for handling fire and smoke, and allows the luminaries to diffuse light through the ceiling to create a softer luminance.

Expanded metal by SAS International is available in six new patterns and the full range of RAL colours. The versatile product can incorporates mechanical and electrical services within complex building layouts. Expanded mesh by SAS International is fully adjustable to bespoke designs.