Baffles, Rafts & Linear Ceilings

SAS’s range of metal baffle ceiling systems are a great alternative to suspended acoustic ceiling systems.  Acoustic baffles offer a visually engaging alternative , ideal for exposed soffit areas.  Available in numerous colours and sizes, the baffles can be suspended at a range of heights and angles for further visual effect.  Different sizes, shapes and colours of metal baffle ceiling systems can be designed to create visually engaging interiors.

SAS International’s range of ceiling rafts can be purely aesthetic all the way through to high performance acoustics with service integration.     The rafts and modules are available in a range of curved, flat or angled profiles as standard. Bespoke designs can be achieved to realise highly aspirational interiors.  The flexibility of SAS600 rafts and modules makes them ideal for both new build and retrofit acoustic solutions.

Linear profile ceilings by SAS International can be highly cost effective ceiling options.   These systems are ideal for high traffic zones, requiring open areas for smoke extraction.   Available in a range of rectangular options, these metal baffle ceiling solutions create sustainable long lasting interiors.   The tubeline system  offers specifiers numerous design features, such as curves and wave forms, as well as horizontal, vertical, interior and exterior mounting.