Open Cell Ceiling

Open Cell Ceiling systems manufactured by SAS International and specified by Progressive Materials are the market leading air flow and smoke extraction ceiling options.  The metal ceiling system comprises a series of open cell modules designed to lay onto a suspension grid. The ceiling tiles can integrate within other metal ceiling systems and plasterboard ceilings, creating many options for project designers.

Open Cell Ceiling systems supplied in Perth can be supplied in two distinct variations.   SAS Trucell is an open cell ceiling with square or rectangular openings in the metal tiles.   Module sizes can be varied to allow for different levels of air flow control.  SAS Tricell is a triangular variation of cell openings to give project specifiers an aesthetic variation whilst maintaining air flow performance if required.

Open cell is designed to be suspended with Tee Grid to give an unbroken, monolithic appearance.  The products are designed for a minimum 25 year life expectancy.   The open cell metal ceiling products are lightweight, quick and easy to install.