Fire Collars

Fire Collars are designed for a wide range of building services.   Progressive Materials supply Promat fire collars for the Perth market.  Plastic pipes as they penetrate through fire rated walls and floors require collars.Collars stop heat, smoke, fire and gas moving between compartments of a building.

Promat’s range of fire collars are the market leader with over 30 years of testing.  Promat fire resistant collars are manufactured using intumescent technology.   Promat’s collars are designed to maintain the integrity of the fire wall or slab through of which building services pass through.  Promat’s fire collars have been tested in lightweight construction, concrete floor slabs as well as new walling products such as Speed Panel.  In the event of fire, the plastic pipe will start to deform. In the case of uPVC pipes this occurs at a temperature of approximately 70°C. Once the pipe starts to deform, the intumescent material in the Promat fire collar expands, closing off the plastic pipe or combustible insulation, and thus forming an insulating barrier.

Promat fire collars have a wide range of applications for various types of building services including; plastic pipes, lagged copper pipes, copper pair coils, electrical cables and other general building services.