Fire protection steel products from Promat have been used in Australia and around the world for over 40 years. Cafco is the market leader for steel and concrete protection and trusted by applicators worldwide.  Promat’s range of fire protection steel coating products ensure protection against fire to a buildings structure and services such as kitchen exhaust, ventilation duct work and air plenums.  We also specify and supply Promat intumescent coatings for structural steel.

Structural steel starts to lose its load bearing capacity at a temperature of around 550°C when exposed to fire.  Promat fire rated steel coatings are designed to limit the temperature of the steel during a fire. All of Promat products and systems have been tested at nationally accredited laboratories around the world to a variety of standards, including AS 1530: Part 4, BS 476: Part 21, DIN 4102, ASTM E119 and EN 13381-8.  Progressive Materials stocks and specifies the full range of Promat fire rated steel coating systems.

Promat’s full range of structural steel fire protection products are stored locally in our warehouse in Wangara.