Promat’s range of fire rated board systems are designed to contain fire within a compartment of a building by acting as a barrier to stop the spread of heat, smoke, fire and gases. Many of Promat’s systems are able to be installed with the use of a single layer, which reduces installation time and saves valuable space within the building.

Promat’s extensive range of approvals covers their fire rated boards to be used for steel protection, walls, ceilings, ducts, concrete protection, penetration seals, tunnels, and in bush fire environments. The boards are independently assessed to Australian and international standards and can achieve protection of up to 4 hours.  The use of our fire rated board systems within hotels, offices, hospitals and schools saves valuable space which maximises rentable floor area.

Progressive Materials is the exclusive supplier of Promat fire rated boards for Perth and the rest of Western Australia.   We offer technical advice for architects, builders, contractors and building certifiers on how to correctly specify, install and certify the fire rated board systems.

Our most popular fire rated board for fire rated walls is PROMATECT® 100-  the board has a smooth finished surface which is ready for any architectural finish.