Promatect 100 2 Hour Walls: Build Fire Walls up to 15m High

PROMATECT® 100 - Walls up to 15m High

  • Fire walls tested to Australian Standards
  • Space saving fire wall systems
  • High quality finish ready for painting

PROMATECT® 100 walls from Promat WA are increasingly being used as alternatives to concrete, block work and standard fire rated plasterboard wall systems.  The PROMATECT® 100 walls are cost effective, save on space, and reduce the construction time.


Our approvals for PROMATECT® 100, enable walls to be constructed to 15 meters high under Australian Standards. This makes them an ideal choice as a dividing wall within a warehouse or commercial premises.


PROMATECT® 100 is off-white in colour and has a smooth finish on one face with a sanded reverse face.  PROMATECT® 100 provides an architectural ready surface ready to receive most forms of decoration.


Further technical information is available via our system certificate which can be downloaded here.

17 Feb 2017