Promat’s Steel Fire Protection

Promat’s steel fire protection range is the most comprehensive on the market.   Promat Australia has recently released a white paper  (available for download below) that provides a detailed overview of the three main types of steel protection in Australia.  These include:

Steel framed construction in Australia has continued to grow over the last decade and with this comes the need to provide adequate passive fire protection.   Over the last few years there have been high profile fires around the world at towers such as Grenfell in London, Lacrosse in Melbourne and the Address in Dubai.   The media attention has highlighted the risk with high rise buildings and protecting the buildings occupants from such tragedies.   Passive fire protection and structural steel protection in particular play a vital role in protecting the buildings structure. This protection allows the occupants enough time to escape the building, and sufficient safety of the structure for fire fighters to save lives and property.

This latest white paper from Promat which is free to download below, covers all of the issues associated with structural steel fire protection.   These include:

  • Fire resistance level required
  • Critical failure temperature of the steel
  • Steel member size
  • Number of exposed sides of steel members
  • Area within the building that protection is required

To download your copy of Promat Australia’s white paper on structural steel, please enter your details below

Progressive Materials are able to assist with the structural steel specification for all types of projects.  We stock, specify and sell the full range of Promat’s steel fire protection range.

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11 Apr 2018