Single Layer Steel Protection

PROMATECT® 250 is the thinnest single layer steel protection board for fire protecting structural steel on the Australian market. For FRL’s up to 2 hours the majority of steel sections can be protected by a single layer of PROMATECT® 250 board. The advantages of PROMATECT 250® for steel protection vs standard fire rated plasterboard are:

  • Thinner, lighter and quicker to install than fire rated plasterboard
  • Can be fixed without additional framing, by edge fixing the board to itself
  • Interface testing with other steel protection products including Cafco 300 (vermiculite) and Cafco Sprayfilm WB3 (intumescent)
  • Able to take fixings through the board for window and door frames etc.
  • Can be used externally with correct weather treatmentsfireboard for fire wall and steel protection - Promatect 50

Interface Testing

PROMATECT® 250 has deemed to satisfy interface testing with Promat’s Cafco 300 Vermiculite spray and Cafco Sprayfilm WB3 Intumescent paint. These interface approvals allow for a combination of structural steel fire protection options to be used on the project without the need for performance solutions. For example, the project might be looking to protect all columns with PROMATECT® 250 board so the columns can be flushed and painted. Above ceilings where beams will not be seen, the project designer can specify Cafco 300 vermiculite spray as a more cost effective solution. Promat has specific approvals to deal with the interface between the PROMATECT® 250 board, Cafco 300 vermiculite spray and Cafco Sprayfilm WB3.

Need some specification help?

If you are looking to specify single layer steel protection on an upcoming project, we can help.   Please fill out your details below and one of our team will put together a detailed specification specifically for your project.   We can also arrange samples of PROMATECT® 250 to be sent to your office.

Single Layer Steel Protection Assistance:

16 Aug 2018