Structural Steel Fire Protection

Structural Steel Fire Protection

Using calcium silicate fire protection boards from Promat such as PROMATECT 250  can be one of the fastest and most cost effective ways of protecting structural steel.  For  Fire Resistance Levels (FRL’s) up to 2 hours only a single layer of board is required in almost all instances.   The range of Promat boards can provide structural steel fire protection up to 240 minutes in line with AS 1530.4.

Below are some progress shots of a maintenance project under construction.   The high quality work and attention to detail is courtesy of Property Fire Maintenance . This project had failure of the original intumescent coating, and is subsequently being repaired with a single layer board system.

Progressive Materials provided section factor calculations to ensure that only a single layer of PROMATECT 250 board was required to meet the 120/-/- FRL to the steel work.   We were also able to deliver the product to site on the same day it was ordered, due to our large local stockholding of Promat products.


PROMATECT 250 board is supplied in a range of thicknesses  for varying fire resistance levels.   The range of thicknesses includes

  • 15mm (most commonly used for 60 minute FRL’s)
  • 25mm (most commonly used for 90 minute FRL’s)
  • 30mm (most commonly used for 120 minute FRL’s)

The sizes above are just to be used as a guide only.  Based on the individual section factor of each beam or column, thicknesses may vary from the sizes listed above.   The full range of PROMATECT 250 is kept in stock in Wangara, and can be supplied the same day as an order.


19 Oct 2020