Fire rated walls and ceilings

Fire rated wall systems from Promat Australia have been developed to meet the requirements of Australia’s construction industry. The range of Promat fire rated board systems for walls and ceilings have been tested to AS 1530: Part 4, with results ranging from 60 minutes up to 240 minutes.

The PROMATECT® range of boards are lightweight, versatile, durable and the simple construction methods reduce installation cost and time.  PROMATECT® boards save weight and space while delivering fire resistant solutions tried, tested and proven to widely recognised international standards. The full range of fire boards also feature exceptional acoustic properties, making them an ideal choice in apartments, hotels, hospitals and aged care facilities.

Progressive Materials not only offers Promat’s fire rated wall and ceiling system solutions but extensive technical support during design and construction of a wide range of projects. In partnership with Promat we offer unrivaled expertise in the supply and specification of passive fire protection systems that continue to be at the forefront of protecting lives and property against fire.

Compartmentation within construction is integral to the overall fire safety design of a building.

Fire rated wall systems from Promat are the thinnest available on the Australian market.   Supplied out of Perth from our warehouse in Wangara our fire board products utilise the latest technology in the passive fire protection industry.