Quick Facts

  • Single layer system for up to 2 hours
  • Smooth finish ready for painting
  • Fully approved to AS 1530.4
Fire Rate Steel
fireboard steel for fire resistant construction


PROMATECT® 250 is Promat Australia’s latest board system to fire rate steel.   PROMATECT® 250 is off-white in colour, and has a smooth finished surface, able to receive almost any form of architectural/finish treatment.

PROMATECT® 250 is resistant to the effects of moisture and will not physically deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions. Performance characteristics are not degraded by age or moisture. However, PROMATECT® 250 is not designed for use in areas subject to continual damp or high temperatures. PROMATECT® 250 is for internal applications only.

PROMATECT® 250 is available in 4 different sizes in Australia.  15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm.  A standard sized sheet is 2500mm x 1200mm.   The boards are shipped directly from the manufacturing facility to Progressive Materials in Western Australia.

PROMATECT® 250 is lightweight and offers a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing way of protecting structural steel without the need for multiple layers.  PROMATECT® 250 is the thinnest available board on the market to structural steel fire protection.   To fire rate steel for 2 hours, Promat only requires a single layer for most column and beam sizes.   PROMATECT® 250 has been extensively tested in line with AS 1530: Part 4 .   The board has also been tested and classed as with material kept in stock locally in Wangara, Progressive Materials are able to supply the Australian market with product in a short period of time.

  • Structural steel fire protection