Quick Facts

  • Retrofit application
  • Pipes from 40-315mm
  • Plasterboard and masonry approvals
Promat Retrofit Fire Collar
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PROMASEAL® Retrofit Collar

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The PROMASEAL® FC Retrofit Collar (square base) is a multi-purpose collar designed for use with concrete slabs, masonry and lightweight walls and lined ceilings. They can be split open, enabling retrofitting as and when necessary. Available in a range of sizes to suit plastic pipes up to 315mm* outside diameter, PROMASEAL® FC Retrofit Collar are tested for up to 240 minutes FRL in accordance with the criteria of AS 1530: Part 4 and AS 4072: Part 1 with various types and sizes of plastic pipe.

The PROMASEAL® FC is retro fitted to existing pipe work.  Promat’s range of fire rated collars that can be cast in to the slab to allow for accurate set out of pipe work.

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