Quick Facts

  • Wall penetrations
  • Only one collar needed
  • Pipes from 40-150mm
wall collar for fire protection
fire rate penetrations
promat wall collar for fire protection

PROMASEAL® Wall Collar

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$ 40.03

PROMASEAL® FCW Wall Collars are designed for insertion into wall elements made of calcium silicate, plasterboard, concrete or masonry, and have been tested on a range of pipes for up to 120 minutes fire rating in accordance with AS 1530: Part 4, AS 4072: Part 1 and BS 476: Part 20.

PROMASEAL® FCW Wall Collars have been tested so that they can be positioned at an angle to allow for falls required in routing plumbing pipes.   Unlike standard retrofit fire collars which require a collar on either side of the wall, PROMASEAL® FCW Wall Collars only require one collar to be installed in the cavity of the wall.

The PROMASEAL® Wall collars are one of Promat’s retro fit fire collars available from our warehouse in Wangara, Western Australia.

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