Quick Facts

  • Up to 4 hour fire resistance
  • Cost effective steel protection
Vermiculite Spray for Steel beams and columns
steel beam fire protection spray Cafco 300
vermiculite spray for steel and concrete

Cafco 300®

CAFCO® 300 is the most cost effective vermiculite spray product on the market.   CAFCO® 300 is a lightweight coating that provides very efficient fire resistance with minimal thickness to structural steel, concrete frames, metal floor and roof decks. CAFCO® 300 can provide fire resistance of up to 4 hours to Australian Standards.

Vermiculite spray is the most cost effective way of protecting structural steel on projects where large amounts of steel are required to be fire protected.   CAFCO® 300 vermiculite spray can be applied directly onto bare steel without the need for a primer.  CAFCO® 300 is also capable 0f being applied over the top of a wide range of primers including the standard red oxide and inorganic zinc silicate primers.   CAFCO® 300 can also be applied to concrete structures to increase the fire resistance level of the wall or floor.  Depending on the thickness required, we may require a layer of steel reinforcing mesh to support the system.

CAFCO® 300 has been used on some of the most iconic projects around Western Australia including the Perth Arena, Brookfield Towers One and Two, Kings Square Precinct, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth Children’s Hospital and range of other commercial projects around Australia.

CAFCO® 300 is supplied in 20kg bags from our Wangara warehouse in Perth.   The product is manufactured in Australia and is the preferred vermiculite spray product by Passive Fire applicators all around the world.

CAFCO® 300 is a functional product and is best installed in areas that are going to be covered up by a suspended ceiling or within a cladding system.  Cafco Sprayfilm WB3 is one of the most popular intumescent coatings for protecting structural steel that is going to be a seen upon completion of the project.

CAFCO® 300 is a part of Promat’s fire rated structural steel systems available from our warehouse in Wangara, Western Australia.

  • Concrete upgrade
  • Structural steel fire protection