• Thin film intumescent coating
  • Maintain visible contours of steel
  • Protect steel for up to 2 hours
intumescent paint for steel

Cafco Sprayfilm®WB3

Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 is a thin film intumescent paint.  The product  is applied directly to the contour of primed I and H section columns, angles, channels, beams and hollow sections to provide fire protection for up to 120 minutes*.  In a fire, a chemical reaction takes place causing the Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 to expand and form an insulating layer which slows the temperature of the steel rising to a critical level.

Steel starts to lose its load bearing capacity at a temperature of around 550°C during a fire.  Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 intumescent paint is designed to protect the buildings main structure in the event of fire. All Promat products and systems have been tested at nationally accredited laboratories around the world to a variety of standards including AS 1530: Part 4, BS 476: Part 21, DIN 4102, ASTM E119, EN 13381-4 and EN 13381-8.

When specifying intumescent paint it is important to consider if the protected steel surface is going to be seen, or whether it is going to be covered up upon project completion.  For any intumescent coating to work correctly a charring distance must be left around all coated surfaces.   We recommend a minimum of 50mm clearance to allow the product to undergo the required chemical reaction under fire conditions, which provides the insulating layer for the steel.   If space is an issue we recommend installing Promat board based systems for steel protection.  Knowing how to correctly specify intumescent paint, reduces project costs and construction delays on site.

Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 is able to be applied both on site and off site.  If intumescent paint is coated off site, the connection plates and bolts are still required to be protected once the steel is erected on site.  For further application inquires, you can get into contact with us here

  • Structural steel fire protection