Fire Rate Penetrations

Do you have to fire rate penetrations with more than one service in the opening?  Promat’s unique approval (FCO-2458) allows us to protect multiple types of building services with our range of Promat fire collars and provide up to 2 hours of protection. The approval allows for the following services to be combined in one fire collar:

  • uPVC Pipesfire rate multiple services
  • Electrical Cables
  • Lagged Copper Pipes

All of Promat’s retro fit fire collars up to 100mm in size can be used with this approval. The annular gap between services, and the inside of the collar is back filled with PROMASEAL Grafitex. The following retrofit fire collars can be used:

Sometimes it can be difficult to fire rate penetrations due to the close proximity of other services.  The 2458 approval from Promat allows multiple services within tight openings.   This approval can be used in plasterboard walls, masonry walls, and masonry slabs.  For further information, on this system you can get into contact with us here

To take a further look at Promat’s fire stopping systems available from us here at Progressive Materials, you can download the fire stopping technical manual by entering your details below

29 Nov 2017