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  • Fire rated duct enclosures
  • Electrical and Mechanical services enclosures
  • Single layer required for 2 hour protection
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PROMATECT® L500 is the market leading fire rated duct board available in Perth from Progressive Materials.   The fire rated duct board is a non-combustible low density calcium silicate board, used for the construction of fire resistant ducts and is a Class 0 product as defined in the Building Regulations. It is resistant to the effects of moisture and will not physically deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions as performance characteristics aren’t degraded by age or moisture.  PROMATECT® L500 only requires a single layer of board to achieve a 2 hour fire resistance level.  PROMATECT® L500 has Australian approvals to AS 1530.4 for both internal and external fire.

PROMATECT® L500 fire rated duct work systems have Australian and international approvals for the following systems:

  • Air handling ducts
  • Kitchen Exhaust duct work
  • Cable trays
  • Building services

PROMATECT® L500 board system can be used to fire protect essential services during a fire.  The system can protect building services such as emergency lighting and power during a fire to allow a buildings safety systems to continue operating, and allow safe evacuation of people from the building.   High Voltage and Low Voltage cables are some of the most common services that are required to continue operating during a fire.   We can design an enclosure so that the temperature inside the fire rated duct doesn’t rise above 70 degrees Celsius and the essential services can continue to operate under extreme conditions.

Progressive Materials and Promat have over 30 years of experience in Australia in providing passive fire protection to fire rated duct work.   Over the years our projects have included: hospitals, hotels, aged care facilities, defence, detention facilities as well as mixed use residential projects.

As an alternative to Promat’s board for fire rated duct work, we can apply Promat’s PROMASPRAY® P300 Vermiculite Spray.

  • Fire rated duct work