How to specify intumescent paint

Learn how to specify intumescent paint

Knowing how to specify intumescent paint is important to reduce any delays at construction time.   The use of intumescent paint in modern commercial construction has been developing over many years.   The research and development of new technologies such as thin film water based intumescents has ensured the increased use of these types of products in today’s built environment.

In respect to passive fire protection there are three ways of protecting a buildings structural steel frame.  These are:

When specifying intumescent paint there are numerous factors that must be considered.   These include:

  • Fire Resistance Level (FRL) required
  • Environment: Internal or External
  • Areas of Application
  • Steel Members and Section Factors

We have put together a white paper to assist architects, engineers, specifiers and building certifiers  with correctly specifying intumescent paint so that it meets the current building codes and regulations.

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04 Apr 2017