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  • Socket joints
  • Pipes from 40-100mm
  • Plasterboard and masonry approvals
promat fire collar for socket fittings
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PROMASEAL® Socket collar

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PROMASEAL® FCS Retrofit Collars (circular base) are designed to fit around installed pipes that pass through floor slabs and have been tested with uPVC, HDPE and ABS pipes in accordance with the criteria of AS 1530: Part 4: 1997 and AS 4072: Part 1, on pipes up to 150mm diameter.

The large opening in the collars will accommodate pipes (and uPVC pipe fittings) that have different outside diameters. The collars are unclipped, placed around the pipe, re-clipped and pushed tight to the substrate.

PROMASEAL® FCS Retrofit Collars have also been tested for up to 240 minutes of FRL in floors with uPVC pipes and ABS pipes, and 180 minutes in floors with HDPE pipe (except 100mm which is tested to 240 minutes)

The PROMASEAL® Socket Collar is retro fitted to existing pipe work.  Promat’s range of fire rated collars that can be cast in to the slab to allow for accurate set out of pipe work.

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