Retail Ceiling

SAS International manufacture and supply retail ceiling tiles as part of their metal ceiling and interior product range.

Shopping has evolved from more than simply picking up the essentials to an activity of leisure with many visiting retail outlets for bars, restaurants and entertainment. A comfortable and attractive experience is of higher demand than ever with many spending hours at their local mall.

When designing a retail ceiling for a new fit out or shopping center, there are a number of factors that need to be considered.   These include:

  • Ceiling aesthetics:  Am I looking for a seamless linear style ceiling?  Am I trying to create a feature metal pan ceiling?
  • Ceiling performance:  Is there a specific acoustic rating that needs to be achieved?
  • Service integration:  How are the lights to going to integrate with the ceiling? Are there any mechanical systems that need to integrate?
  • Budget:  What is my budget ?  Can I specify two systems together so that I can stay within my budget?
  • Lifespan:  Do I need the ceiling I’m specifying to last for 25 or 30 years?

A project example of note which featured SAS International’s retail ceiling products was Westfield Stratford City.   Some pictures of the finished project can be seen below.

SAS International provide a wide variety of products that can be designed and fabricated under a number of specifications to ensure a high quality finish that is easy to maintain.

The retail sector demands durability and a high level of safety with many customers passing through on a daily basis, and all often for different purposes. Public safety variables such as smoke extraction, fire safety features, emergency lighting and signage are all able to be integrated into the SAS system and their portfolio of resources. The durability is also helpful in reducing ongoing maintenance costs in a scenario where efficient upkeep is necessary in a busy place.

Acoustic panels are also available as part of the SAS range, where controlling unwanted sound is typically required where the environment is typically noisy. This contributes to making the visit to any retailer a more pleasurable experience.

The Retail ceiling systems range from the SAS750 Tube line, to the SAS330 and SAS710 panels , while SAS International also provides bulkhead packages, column casings, fire safety product integration and lighting systems which provide optimal aesthetic look, whilst projecting a relaxing setting for consumers.

SAS International’s retail ceiling systems are prominent throughout the U.K. (Westfield Stratford, The Friary, Audi West London and Birmingham Grand Central, whilst also venturing into other parts of the world such as Dublin, Dubai and even Paris (Marks & Spencer).

A wide range of metal ceiling products from SAS International can be found and purchased in Perth, Western Australia, at its exclusive distributor Progressive Materials.

21 Feb 2019