Quick Facts

  • Achieve up to 4 hours fire protection
  • Blast Resistant – tested to 2 bar (200kN/m² overpressure)
  • Weather Proof
Durasteel Fire and Blast board from Promat
durasteel fire protection board for fire walls


DURASTEEL ® is a high performance composite panel fire protection board. The panel is comprised of a fibre reinforced cement core, mechanically bonded to outer facings of 0.5mm perforated galvanised steel. Durasteel systems are installed under license as fire barriers, blast walls, transformer barriers, fireproof ceilings, service protection, fire doors, valve box enclosures and fireproof storage vaults.

DURASTEEL ® is an extremely strong blast, impact and moisture resistant board that features a fire performance of up to 4 hours.  Progressive Materials are the exclusive technical consultants for Promat in Western Australia and are Australia’s leading supplier of fire rated board and blast resistant products.  We are able to design, supply and recommend installers to construct blast and fire barriers that can provide up to 2 bar of over pressure and maintain a fire resistance level of 4 hours.  Promat’s fire and blast rated board systems have been installed on mine sites, power stations, hotels, car parks and range of other high value sites across Australia.

DURASTEEL ® systems can be designed to be load bearing and have been tested to a wide range of standards around the world including Factory Mutual (FM), Underwriters Laboratories (UL and ULC), Certifire, Dubai Civil Defence and Lloyds Register.  In Australia DURASTEEL ® has testing to AS 1530: Part 4 and has been used extensively throughout the country over the last 25 years.  For a free sample of DURASTEEL ® get into contact with us here

See Promat’s fire, impact and hose stream test by Exova Warrington fire in the UK for Durasteel please watch the video below.

As the exclusive technical consultants for Promat in Western Australia the Progressive Materials consultants can assist with project specification and design.  With the largest passive fire products warehouse in the country we are able to supply Promat’s full range of passive fire protection products to any project in a short period of time.

  • Fire & blast systems
  • Fire rated walls and ceilings
  • Fire rated duct work