Quick Facts

  • Wide range of approvals with various services
  • Can be used in walls and floors
  • Top of wall sealing system
promat bulkhead batt for fire stopping

PROMASEAL® Bulkhead Batt

$ 109.12

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$ 98.21

PROMASEAL® Bulkhead Batt System is made from high density rock fibre panels (50mm thick) coated with PROMASEAL® Bulkhead Sealer. The system will act as a fire barrier to seal off openings in walls or floors thus preventing the passage of fire. It is the simplest of all fire stopping products to install and also one of, if not the most economical products to install.  The system has been tested up to 180 minutes with service penetrations.

In many buildings, cables such as computer and telecommunication cables are continuously added, removed or replaced. PROMASEAL® Bulkhead Batt enables this process to be carried out after the initial installation of the system, with minimal rectification works required.  PROMASEAL® Bulkhead Batt has approvals with a wide range of building services including; electrical cables, plastic pipes, copper and metal pipes, cable trays, sprinkler pipes and can also be installed as a smoke barrier.

PROMASEAL® Bulkhead Batt is one of Promat’s fire stop products available from our warehouse in Wangara, Western Australia.

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