Quick Facts

  • Achieve up to 4 hours fire resistance
  • Allows for service penetrations
  • Tested in both walls and floors
fire rated mortar from Promat
fire rated mortar


$ 120.34

Bulk discount
$ 108.31

PROMASEAL® Mortar is a lightweight, fire resistant, cement based product. Normal concrete weighs 2400kg/m³, Lightweight concrete weighs 1600-1800kg/m³ whilst PROMASEAL® Mortar weighs approximately 700kg/m³. This means that the formwork required is equally lightweight and simple to install.

Dependent on weather conditions, PROMASEAL® Mortar can set quickly in a few hours. It is easy to create new holes within PROMASEAL® Mortar for the installation of new services, and equally easy to repair with itself.

PROMASEAL® Mortar does not shrink on drying and can be installed at the last minute before inspection and after all services are installed.  PROMASEAL® Mortar is grey in colour and supplied in convenient 20kg bags.

PROMASEAL® Mortar is one of Promat’s fire stop products available from our warehouse in Wangara, Western Australia.

  • Fire stopping